2020 SEAsia Business Awards

20 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 21 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , “Bakeryland is the land of bakery lovers” is at the core of every decision made at Bakeryland. Offering customers all of their particular bakery needs means that they have to have an in-depth knowledge of exactly what a bakery user wants. In a niche market, it’s this sort of awareness that buys loyalty. Only the best quality items are available at Bakeryland, with many people choosing to come to this shop as opposed to choosing other suppliers. This is because the team are committed to improving all products and services to fit the needs of bakery lovers. The company provides a number of different services that go beyond bakery tools and ingredients. The team are proud to provide a hand-on class service called BLA Thailand, a practical study of cake decorating and confectionery arts. This approach has brought the business great success. Care is taken to ensure that the team serve in-trend bakery items including delicious recipes and all-important product know-how for those customers who come into their stores. Data Center Specialists was founded in 2005, operating out of Singapore. Now, fifteen years later, it has expanded into Malaysia and Indonesia, with the intention of working across South East Asia. The team’s aim was simple – to uphold cleanliness in data centers. Many do not realise the risks that can arise, with the dust and bacteria produced by HVAC, various filters and equipment just as likely to affect a computer as it is a person. The cleanliness of a data center was the main priority of Data Center Specialists, with the team not only providing a valuable service, but educating clients on why it is so essential. Now it has grown into a business that handles all matters pertaining to the subject. While many data centers in the United States have had cleanliness as a priority for thirty years, the relative youth of the industry in Malaysia has meant that the importance has been understated. The work that Data Center Specialists does is vital and can ensure the longevity of a data center for years. The company’s growth has been strong, but steady. The team’s first client was a leading, local telecommunications company, Singtel. With this well-known organization on board, more companies followed suit. Expansion into Malaysia came with Petronas, a renowned oil and gas company. This opened the doors even further for the business. One of the most exciting aspects of Data Center Specialists is that the more work that is undertaken, the more people begin to understand the importance of investing in this area. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for the firm, as the team has been perfectly equipped to handle the necessary cleaning required. Instead of shutting down like many operations, Data Center Specialists has been able to expand its offerings, cleaning workspaces, keyboards, monitors and command centers to ensure a safe working space. Clients have been reassured by the company’s commitment to operating to NEBB ISO standards, with each technician being certified to a minimum DCFC certification before stepping foot inside a data center. While the firm has made its name in cleaning data centers, and has broadened its cleaning horizons, the need to expand its offerings is obvious. Recently, the firm has had requests that go above and beyond these services, including the such as servicing, designing and building of new data centers for businesses. With the team’s unique expertise, they are able to make a real difference in this field. They have also got a growing experience with servers and software, which has allowed the company to grow into a business that balances tech- cleaning and IT-solutions. Land Of Bakery Lovers Best Data Centre Cleaning & Maintenance Specialists 2020 SiamBakeryland Co., Ltd. is the place to be for those looking for that perfect bakery time. The one stop bakery shop offers everything that is needed for both professionals and amateurs. With such a specialised service, it’s little wonder that the bakery community has been drawn to the company, growing it into an incredible success. We lookmore closely to find out more. While the technology industry has picked up quickly in South East Asia, good practice in terms of maintaining clean and healthy data centers can leave something to be desired. The teamat Data Center Specialists (M) Sdn Bhd are committed to raising the standards to ensure that the important work that is being done can continue. We profile the firm to find out more. May20107 May20108 SiamBakeryland Co., Ltd. Data Center Specialists Company: Siam Bakeryland Co., Ltd. Contact: Jakawan Prajakthip Web Address: www.bakeryland.co.th Company: Data Center Specialists Contact: Adam Hamzah Web Address: www.datacenterspecialists.com The business has managed to develop a strong sense of loyalty with its customers, and this is a result of the one-on-one strategy that has been developed by the team. No client is ignored, with each of their individual needs carefully taken care of to the best of a team members ability. For many who come to Bakeryland, this is a passion, and it must be matched by those who are trying to sell them items. With four branches running, and more on the way, the company culture has taken the shape of a big family. From the top to the bottom, everyone is connected. There is no separation which ensures that everyone is operating to the same level and towards the same goals. For those new staff who join the firm, they are welcomed into the community and made to feel an important part of it, which helps in employee retention amongst other things. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the shape of Bakeryland, with many customers not wanting to visit the shop. The most important step for the team, therefore, has been to ensure that customers continue to be okay throughout the situation. Listening to customer voices, even at a time like this, gives the team the ability to make decisions that will allow the business to grow when this has passed. Looking forward, there is a clear need for the Bakeryland team to develop new services that allow them more flexibility. This does not just apply to the improvement of products and services, but to the development of offline and online services. With much of the economy heading in this direction, it is vital that the team be equipped for the future. Of course, there is always a place for a trendsetter, and Bakeryland has defined what the market demands in Thailand. It’s a simple promise – the company will always ensure that it offers the best products and the finest service for its customers, but it’s a way of thinking that can be overlooked by those who don’t share a passion for what they sell. This passion is the secret behind Bakeryland’s incredible success. This direction is where the business is likely to head in the future, opening more branches in other countries while helping customers to build new data centers or upgrading their existing ones in this world of emergent technology. In keeping with the forward-thinking approach advocated by the company, Data Center Specialists always has an eye on an environmentally friendly way of working, with the data centers they design accounting for a sustainable future. At the heart of Data Center Specialists is a commitment to innovation. As a company born in a world ready to change, it has always been adaptable to whatever comes next. This has been the secret of the company’s success so far, and is sure to put the team in good stead for years to come.

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