2020 SEAsia Business Awards

22 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 23 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , The team at Conservation Capital has long been an independent service provider. Their mission since the beginning of operations has been to become the leading traded insurance provider in Singapore. Those looking to encash insurance policies, in order to bring home more funds to help their families need only look in one place. Correspondingly, these policies are resold to investors looking for a good investment they can trust. The heart of Conservation Capital draws on bridging the gap between these two groups. As a six years old start-up, the company benefits from being a member of an international fund house, which provides them essential support services such as admin, accounts, finance and marketing. This back office support helps them to focus on serving customers at the front line. Sharing resources with a parent company has also given the advantage of keeping overheads down and led to cost savings that is transferred to investors. To keep the business on the right track, three recipes of success are applied. The first is in regard to the building of trust, with prompt, instant payments through internet banking. Sellers like that, and feel comforted with instant receipt of funds and clear documentation work provided by the insurer. The second is the principle of simplicity, ensuring that all processes and financial products can be easily understood by the lay investor. A look at their website shows all policies information condensed into simple charts and easy to understand English. The final recipe if the provision of a buy back guarantee. As policy returns are projected and non-guarantee by the insurer, the company provides a 100% guarantee of the maturity value on selected policies. This provides security for investors, and is a unique selling point of the company. The economic downturn has seen business increase for Conservation Capital as existing policy holders find themselves needing to cash out their existing insurance plans for more essential needs. In contrast, volatility in the equities and capital markets have meant lower returns in traditional saving and deposits accounts. This has led to investors being attracted to the high returns presented by these traded insurance plans offered by insurers in Singapore. Conservation Capital is helmed by CEO, Mr Trevor Xie, a social worker who has spent 12 years working with underprivileged families Best Resale Endowment Policies Service Provider 2020 Traded insurance policies have an incredible amount of unused potential. The teamat Conservation Capital Pte Ltd are determined tomake the most of this valuable commodity. In this special edition of APAC Insider, we learnmore the financial benefits that they have to offer to investors and existing policy owners. Jun20002 Conservation Capital Pte Ltd Company: Conservation Capital Pte Ltd Web Address: www.conservationcapital.com.sg Tel : +65 6222 0338 and supporting their financial needs through matching with donors. He has put his skills of empathy and understanding while working with these group of individuals. An associate lecturer in Singapore, he uses his teaching skills to guide new investors through the myriad of questions they may have. These soft skills have permeated the organization, and led to the success currently faced by the company. There are many benefits to being in Singapore, namely the high level of trust and goodwill within the local public of local insurers. Insurers are trusted place to put savings, which means that Conservation Capital is greeted by a high level of trust as it resells these products. New buyers of the policies are also supported by the IT infrastructure already provided by the insurers. This allows policy owners to see in real time the values of the various plans they have acquired. Looking forward, Conservation Capital has been working to serve a small, but growing number of high net worth customers who wish to invest lump sums of cash that are managed by an fund house. This means customers will not need to manage individual policies on their own, but have them managed by a fund manager which will pay them a routine regular income. The team has worked tirelessly to provide the necessary structure for these high net worth individuals. As time goes on, the team will have to adapt to changing circumstances in the local industry, as well as external factors which will lead to shaping the landscape in Singapore. Conservation Capital has been able to change the lives of many in Singapore, providing higher returns for cash strapped policy holders who would like to have more value for their policies. For investors, the firm has been a major boost to their savings. Often the path to success starts with a gap in the market, and the team at Conservation Capital have proven more than capable of finding a new way forward. Nobody enjoys having pests in either their work or home space, but effectively dealing with them often requires the experience and expertise of professionals with all the latest gear and equipment. Jansen Pest Control has forged itself a status and reputation of excellence within the world of pest control by focusing on customer service and satisfaction, and continues to earn client trust by rendering professional services of the highest quality. Those services earn the trust of clients by strictly following and adhering to the time-honoured traditions of honesty, integrity, and hard work that Jansen Pest Control was founded upon just over a decade ago. The technicians who work at Jansen Pest Control combine extensive training with the latest technologies to address a variety of pest-related issues, whilst remaining sensitive to environmental concerns. Carefully executing a tried and tested plan using the latest technologies and techniques, Jansen Pest Control is the perfect solution to any pest problem. No matter the shape, size, or origin of the pests that may be plaguing a space, the team are proficient at handling all of the major types of pest, from specialising in termite control, to being in complete control of any rat problems. For those who may be unsure of their pest situations, Jansen Pest Control is also happy to provide a quick and focused response in answer to any queries regarding pests. A relatively unaffected part of the sanitisation procedures impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, pest control has maintained service as usual for the most part. Jansen Pest Control is being recognised as part of the essential services in Philippines, as it is also trained in providing disinfectant services. Just because businesses and people’s lives may come to a halt during a global pandemic, that does mean that the pests will. Jansen Pest Control continues to serve the people by providing services that tackle the areas of life that continue on in spite of COVID-19. With well-trained servicemen who are swift to respond when a call is received, Jansen Pest Control is the first and premier choice of businesses with regards to pest problems. With rising numbers of pests during a time of medical crises and uncertainty, there has also been a rise in other medical issues that has propelled the need for proper pest control services to new heights. For instance, the rise of Dengue cases from mosquito bites has meant that Jansen Pest Control has seen more clients come in search of their services than ever before. Staff can be on hand at a client’s premises just mere minutes after a call is received, and the dedicated team can educate clients on ways to prevent further infestation aside from the technical service that Jansen Pest Control offers. Best Pest Control Service Provider - Philippines Founded in 2009, Jansen Pest Control is a specialist provider of services in pest management and termite control using the most effective yet environmentally-soundmethods. Offering these residential and commercial pest control services to the greater Visayas region for more than ten years, join us as we take a closer look at what makes this exceptional pest control firm just so fantastic. May20112 Jansen Pest Control Company: Jansen Pest Control Contact: Carl Vincent Jakosalem Business Address: 5th Main St, Alta Tierra Village, Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City 5000 Philippines Contact Number: +63 916 221 2629 Website: www.jcnjansen.com Having long-held the position of termite expert in the pest control industry, Jansen Pest Control has set its sights firmly on retaining that position moving into 2020 and beyond. As it seeks to maintain its status as the Philippines’ top-notch termite control and general pest control provider, so too will Jansen Pest Control continue to deliver technical expertise along with new techniques and procedures that make it one of the best in the region for pest management.

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