2020 SEAsia Business Awards

24 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards 25 APAC / 2020 South East Asia Business Awards , , Making things happen with money is the dream for anyone who is looking to invest their own hard-earned cash, but it can be hard to know where to begin for those new to the wealth of potential opportunities. Well Vintage is a global trade finance investment firm that offers viable and secure alternatives to its clientele all around the world. The strength of the firm has allowed it to always be there for its clients, partnering with them through all of the good financial times and the bad times. It is this strength that has also enabled the team at Well Vintage to continually invest in building both its own business, and the businesses of its global clientele. For just over thirteen years, Well Vintage has fulfilled its promise to help businesses and top tiered companies across the South East Asia area gain access to boutique financing structures that would be otherwise unobtainable. The firm began life with a goal of providing an alternative option to the more traditional bank funding, and all of the hoop jumping, endless paperwork, and constant hurdles that come with it for companies today. Back in 2007, Well Vintage opened its first office in Singapore but has since expanded its operation to include other regions. As well as Singapore, Well Vintage now has offices in the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia, to support its clients and partners requirements. Unlike its competitors, Well Vintage has the advantageous trait of being a small firm, meaning it can be nimble and fast when it comes to making crucial financial decisions. Well Vintage has experience in trade finance, financial structuring, capital raising, private equity and capital allocation, Deals can be made quickly that do not involve the process of climbing a corporate ladder for approval. Instead, clients can get the financial options that they want, when they want them. This agility within the financial markets of South East Asia is what has continued to make Well Vintage into a financial consultancy worth partnering with, and has rocketed the firm towards success. Founded in 1972, the team at Thenamaris Philippines Inc. have a strong history that is indelibly associated with the sea. Drawing on such an impressive maritime tradition, they have become the first port of call for those who either need a crew for their vessel or for those who are looking to work at sea. Thenamaris Philippines Inc. has always been a licensed manning agency, with the main aim being to support the recruitment, scheduling and training of Filipino seafarers. Working as the go- between for two different parts of the industry can be a challenge, but Thenamaris Philippines Inc. ensures that personalized attention is directed to all. Because of the high standards that the team has encouraged within its ranks, Thenamaris Philippines Inc. has come to be regarded as the manning agency of choice for many seafarers. Currently, around 3,000 seafarers are employed on the vessels managed by Thenamaris Philippines Inc, and at any given time over 1,500 seamen are sailing on the vessels that the business manages. Where some businesses see a high turnover of staff, with individuals either deciding to leave the industry or the agency, Thenamaris Philippines Inc. is proud of its high retention rate for ex-crew. It not only allows their ships to be manned by experienced personnel, but ensures that these personnel are happy with the work that they are doing. Because of the hard work put in on all sides, the team process a huge number of applicants daily, with only the best candidates making it through. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all industries and while the important shipment of cargo and freight must go on, there are still difficulties to be faced across the board. Crew change is currently one of the biggest challenges, with no way for seafarers to return home when they usually would. As the situation changes daily, the Thenamaris Philippines Inc. team are confident that airports will soon open for seafarers to perform the essential crew change. Life at sea is an adventure, unpredictable and uncertain. It goes without saying that the team at Thenamaris Philippines Inc. are always on hand to support their crews. This approach goes beyond Best Financial Services Industry Consultancy Firm 2020 Most Trusted Marine Personnel Recruitment Specialists - Philippines Founded in 2007 with the aim to help businesses and top tier companies with access to boutique financing structures, Well Vintage offers truly exceptional consultancy operations in the financial services across most of South East Asia. When holding on to large amounts of capital with the aimof investing, there are few things better than having the backing of 2020’s Best Financial Consultancy Firm, as recognised in this years’ South East Asia Business Awards in APAC Insider. Recruitment is always a challenge is specialized areas, and nowhere more so than those going out to sea. Addressing the many challenges in this area are the team fromThenamaris Philippines Inc. With a unique experience of what these individuals bring to companies and vice versa, it’s little wonder they’ve achieved such success. We lookmore closely at these specialists to find out more. May20079 May20150 Well Vintage Enterprises Pte Ltd Thenamaris Philippines Inc. Company: Well Vintage Enterprises Pte Ltd Contact: Akiva Kremnizer Phone: +65 9295 5118 Email: [email protected] Website: https://wellvintage.com/ Company: Thenamaris Philippines Inc. Contact: Capt. Christopher B. Abuy Web Address: www.thenamarisphilippines.com As for how Well Vintage functions, it follows six core principles when working with a client; listening, solving problems, innovating, understanding how valuable time is, respecting, and executing swiftly. Making financial decisions is a vastly important part of business, and Well Vintage takes the time to get to know the client and their business. Their goals become the consultancy’s goals, and everyone is equally invested in achieving them together. Working collaboratively, the firm and its clients come up with financial solutions that are based on business goals, before Well Vintage seamlessly integrates its services into the clients’ existing business processes. Well Vintage delivers what is expected, and the team innovates daily to find new alternative funding solutions to help that process become even smoother. As important as the consultancy-client relationship is, Well Vintage also understands that good teamwork is fundamental to success, whether it be managing a transaction internally, or as part of a larger group made up of external professional, partners, and stakeholders. Difference can be the key to success, as much as strategy. Strategy is important, but it is the execution of that strategy that leads to actually securing the success. Execution involves painstaking attention to detail, as the team at Well Vintage acts quickly on problems, drives results, and ensures detailed follow-up to properly meet its commitments. Effectively managing finances is no easy feat, but one that can be made a great deal easier and more efficient by partnering with the team at Well Vintage. Director Akiva Kremnizer has built this firm to be an agile and nimble player in the financial markets of South East Asia, and the clients can benefit massively from the swift decision-making that the firm can offer. When the world is moving ever-faster, having this superbly speedy financial consultancy firm on board is the perfect partner for any client looking to make the most of their financial decisions. the recruitment process, but means that trust can be found on both sides of the process. The firm has always taken a family-oriented approach, building strong connections on all levels to ensure loyalty. Working at sea is not an easy job, but it is an essential one. The work of Thenamaris Philippines Inc. is vital to keeping that work going. By any measure, it is a clear success story for the industry.

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